On the days when Customers make us smile

It’s not always about the sales strictly (I mean it still all boils out to money…at the end of the day everyone needs to get paid) but the community you can build in these kinds of places can be pretty damn awesome.

For the past 2.5 years now (holy shit have we really been doing this for 2.5 years?!?) we’ve been renting out a theater roughly every quarter for the big geeky movies and holding private screenings.

Obviously that means Thursday night we’re hosting our latest screening for Star Wars Rogue One.  Tickets have been selling at a healthy pace (though not selling out this time..wtf people?) and there’s lots of positive buzz about it.

My Star Wars gamers (X-Wing, Destiny, etc etc) wanted to help get more people into their games, so a couple of them purchased items in the shop and then donated them back to us to give out before the movie.  We always do some trivia before the show, part of the specialness of private screenings, and now we’ve got some awesome prizes to go with it!

So thanks to the people who are awesome and not only buy their games and toys and support the shop, but then grab extras to give away to other people so they too can get into the games and then in turn give me all their money for their games and toys.

It’s all about the money 😉  Here’s to mistakes being made.

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